I show my scars so that others can heal.

Beautifully Broken Memoir by Reema Sukumaran

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Beautifully Broken is a powerful memoir living with — and overcoming — a legacy of emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual assault.  With raw honesty and true courage, Reema Sukumaran recounts what it was like growing up with a mother who was emotionally  broken and details her experiences of abuse from several of the men whom she trusted.  Hers is a story of survival, hope, and healing.  This book offers no easy answers — no empty promises that a strong faith or positive attitude will fix everything.  Rather, Beautifully Broken demonstrates how someone who has been shattered by abuse and assault can become whole again.  With vulnerability and, at times, a touch of humor, this book will encourage others who have survived rape and domestic violence.  It is a powerful witness to all that while the path towards healing may be difficult, by God’s grace it is possible to get there, and the journey can be filled with meaning, beauty, and love.


Blue Butterfly for Reema Sukumaran, Author/Speaker/Coach
Blue Butterfly for Reema Sukumaran, Author/Speaker/Coach

Survival, Hope and Healing

On my site you will hear my story about some pain and suffering that threatened to rob me of a life I yearned for. I have been through so much yet I am on this side of the darkness that once overtook my world. I know that only with God by my side, with the love of family and friends, I am able to face each day.

With a much healthier mind, body and spirit, I am on a mission of service. I would like to share with you my story of survival, hope, and healing. I have come a long way and yet some days are still hard. I have learned and continue to learn tools that allow me to breath through a rough spot. I have learned that there is so much pain everywhere and I am not alone.

Through my book, speaking engagements and coaching, I help others learn what steps they can take to protect others from inappropriate sexual behavior, and to help someone who has been sexually abused.

You may be struggling, hurting, trying to help someone, or looking for ways to give guidance for pastors, teachers, or leaders in any organization. It is my hope that you will find support, understanding, encouragement, and healing as I share my journey.

I believe that God has a plan and purpose for everyone’s life. This is my journey and what led me to mine.

My God Given Purpose

Hi, my name is Reema.

At the age of 22, I was raped by my pastor.

That traumatizing experience shaped the next 25 years of my life as I struggled to find self worth, purpose and trust, specifically within the church again.

But God is an amazing God who can create beauty, from what we believe is worthlessness.

By His grace, today I share my story and teach leaders of any organization how to protect themselves and their members from inappropriate and dangerous sexual behavior.

My seminars teach you:

· How to identify inappropriate behavior

· How to protect yourself and your members from unhealthy sexual situations

· How you can minister or address these issues more effectively as a leader

· What necessary and healthy boundaries should be in place

· How to put accountability and support in place for your leaders

· How to empower victims within your establishments bringing forth unity and healing

Reema Sukumaran, Author/Speaker/Coach
Pink Daisy Flower for Reema Sukumaran, Author/Speaker/Coach

My Mission

There are too many people hurting and too many more that could get hurt if we don’t start taking a stand on this topic.

We need to speak openly and work proactively to keep our churches, schools and places of work safe.

Despite the seriousness of the topic, it is important to me that my seminars are engaging, personable and even humorous at times! My mission is to make people comfortable about this topic so together, we can start creating change.

For more information on my seminars, visit my Seminars Page for a detailed description of course outlines.