“I believe that God has a plan and purpose for everyone’s life. This is my journey and what led me to mine”

--- Reema Sukumaran

I showed my scars so others may heal

This is for:

  • Pastors
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Leaders of any organizations or workplace

Learn what steps you can take to protect your ministries, schools and workplaces from inappropriate sexual behavior and to help someone that has been sexually abused.

Hi, my name is Reema.

At the age of 22, I was raped by my pastor.

That traumatizing experience shaped the next 25 years of my life as I struggled to find self worth, purpose and trust, specifically within the church again.

But God is an amazing God who can create beauty, from what we believe is worthlessness.

By His grace, today I share my story and teach leaders of any organization how to protect themselves and their members from inappropriate and dangerous sexual behavior..

My seminars teach you:

  • How to identify inappropriate behavior

  • How to protect yourself and your members from unhealthy sexual situations

  • How you can minister or address these issues more effectively as a leader

  • What necessary and healthy boundaries should be in place

  • How to put accountability and support in place for your leaders

  • How to empower victims within your establishments bringing forth unity and healing

There are too many people hurting and too many more that could get hurt if we don’t start taking a stand on this topic.

We need to speak openly and work proactively to keep our churches, schools and places of work safe.

Despite the seriousness of the topic, it is important to me that my seminars are engaging, personable and even humorous at times! My mission is to make people comfortable about this topic so together, we can start creating change.

For more information on my seminars, visit my Seminars Page for a detailed description of course outlines.