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The Backwards Bicycle

Last night in my counseling session, my therapist and I were talking about struggles that I have been having about certain situations. I want so badly to stop fighting some of the thing “normal” people just take for granted. It can be so frustrating because I know I am putting 100% effort and yet my body/mind still feels the need to protect me.

While I am not ready to share these particular struggles, I will give an example of what I am talking about. If you have followed my blog you are familiar with my fear of the boogie man following me. After my seizure and during my “break down” (as I call it), I was petrified of the boogie man for lack of a better word. My mind knew it was such a stupid thing! And it was so frustrating. Yet my mind had learned to be fearful of being hurt. I knew that danger was a real thing if I was not aware.

In the 4 years I have been doing CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and while was skeptical I was have now been reaping the rewards. Baby steps!

Last night, in my frustration, my therapist asked me to watch the video called the Backwards Bicycle. It makes total sense! My therapist often mentions the neuron-plasticity in the brain. What is amazing is how God made the brain. We are able to unlearn horrible thoughts and fears! And we can unlock the pathways in our brains. I am hopefully. Just like I unlearned to be fearful of the boogie-man, I can unlearn fears. I needed to feel hopeful again. I know with God all things ARE possible. I know that God wants the “bestest” life for me.

I am sharing this because I think there may be someone else that needs this encouragement. So google this video and feel hopeful!

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