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Being Beautifully Held!


This last week has been exhausting! I have been up late nights and early mornings like I was nursing a new born baby! I just sent my master manuscript maker (aka my editor) my final draft with my seal of approval! I am hyper active by nature. Life in general can be very exciting for me, even simple things, such as foolishness with my boys. Sanj comes home and I can literally talk his ears off about nothing and do so quite animatedly. I am sure he often wonders if it is too late for me to be given a dose of methylphenidate.

What I mean is that my mind does not know how to stop or even slow down. I have plenty to do during the day, on top of going through the drafts and editing my manuscript. I think I have it memorized! 🙂 Now that I have to literally wait, I am feeling nauseous. I have asked God for BIG. I have had to analyze what I mean by that. I realize that riches of the monetary kind isn’t going to come from my book! (Poor Sanj has dished out plenty a dollar to help this dream become a reality). Yet it really wasn’t about the money. It is about my story. It is about my mom’s story, one that she never could tell. It is about my brothers and I, how faithful God has been. It is about God answering a little girl’s dream and blessing her with a beautiful man. It’s a love story between God and me. I love that!!!

I love God’s faithfulness!!!! I must add a disclaimer… my life is not perfect. AT ALL. My children aren’t perfect. My marriage isn’t perfect. God hasn’t taken the hard stuff away. But I think it really is what we choose to focus on. Don’t you think?

Guess what this is:

Do you know what this is?

I have an ISBN number!!! International Standard Book Number is what every real book has. It’s like a birth certificate for a new baby. 🙂 Ok, truth? I don’t know if that’s really true but it sounds good.

Ahhhh… I have had 3 big God sightings today. Each of the sightings affirmed something that I was insecure about. I have had people reach out to me and offer their help/services from the goodness of their heart. I have yet to hear from Oprah. Yet I am still holding onto hope. If you know her, could you pass on the fact that she can reach me at

I am not sure I will get much sleep tonight. My sleep aid that I have on hand for insomnia has let me down. It’s all good, though. I do my best thinking when everyone is sound sleep.

My book will be available next week if all goes as planned. Could you say a prayer for me that all will go well? Amazon is backed up (apparently) due to COVID. I even called them there and talked to a nice Amazon man who said they are doing their best to keep things on track. Sigh.

Ok I am actually writing to simply write. Jordan is making dinner (YAH!), Max seems to be baking cookies and Josh has been yelled at 3 times to empty the dishwasher.

If you need this today, Jesus loves you. Yes I’m His favourite but I know that second place is available!


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